Our Mission

When times get overwhelmingly busy it is smart to take a step back and even miss out on few things (without the fear of missing out).
Set aside time to check in with yourself, whether it is by just taking a break and going for a walk, meditating or talking to someone you can trust.
Suncatchers are all about these special moments where you can take care of your emotions and find peace in the midst of chaos.
Our mission is to give people utmost comfort clothing while taking care of the environment.

All of our production has been set up in Poland. This way we are able to make sure all labor laws and employee rights are being respected. Polish history in the industry of textiles is highly appreciated with superior quality of manufacturing standards.
If we need a particular fabric, we search for it in Europe, keeping our company’s carbon footprint as low as possible.
It is important to us for our products to be made responsibly.
Our commitment to environment also includes eco inks and energy efficient modern technology being used in the production process.
Instead of using fancy wrappers we focus on delivering an excellent product- that’s why we only use packaging that can be easily recycled.
We also pride ourselves in our approach to production- we don’t use big warehouses to store our garments and the transportation process is short and necessary only.